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We are available for discussion on a wide range of categories. By bringing Enmar in at the design phase we can offer suggestions on the sourcing of product. Our ability to evaluate the product before you begin purchasing directly impacts the life-cost cycle. We’ll tell you if a stone selected for a high traffic area can withstand the punishment for which it was installed.

If your budget is a concern than we can offer alternatives to selections, highlight the alterations required to accommodate the choice and work with you on reducing costs.

Our engineers can review all your specifications and working drawings to ensure there are no surprises.

When the activity level on a project starts through the fabrication stage you find that working with Enmar was one of the best choices you could make.

We are on-site working on your behalf to ensure a wide range of mistakes is prevented. We are available to review potential suppliers and ensure that they represent the quarry directly (not simply the distributor). Direct sourcing ensures timely product flow, improved quality and accurate expectations.

We have the ability to work beside you and prepare bid documents that accurately reflect your design intentions. At the same time we can review all responses to ensure that any irregularities are highlighted.

We will work with your project planners to establish appropriate delivery schedules. Based on your production requirements and our contacts with the source, we can make sure that the stone is delivered when it is expected.

When the product does arrive we are there, on site, to ensure that the product is inspected. Any in-transit damage is highlighted. Any off-quality product is highlighted. Any deviation from what you expected is taken out of the order ensuring that you pay only for what you purchased. We provide you with an accurate certificate for payment.

When it comes to actually installing the product we are there to help facilitate the process. We can help your onsite installers with any questions or handling concerns, immediately.

When complete we offer advise on post-installation maintenance.

Throughout the process, no matter what role you employ, Enmar Consulting is the right choice for all your hard surface material needs.

Because of the breadth of expertise we offer ever project is considered customized. If you have a project in mind or if you are looking for more information please contact us at info@stonexpert.com. We will be more than happy to discuss a detailed service description and establish a beginning for all you requirements.

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